Aw8 VIP: A Program Rewarding Loyalty Member

AW8 Casino is renowned for offering all its players a great selection of casino games as well as sports betting services. To enjoy all these gambling products, players just need to register their accounts and proceed to deposit funds in their account. Once done, they can start playing any of the casino games provided. Well, apart from just enjoying the games offered, each time players deposit funds and play real money games, they also earn comp points. The comp points they earn play a pivotal role in elevating players into the prestigious Aw8 Casino VIP Program.

Overview of Aw8 Casino VIP Program

The VIP Program at the online gambling platform is quite lucrative, enterprising and above all exciting and entertaining. When players received the special recognition of being classified as VIP members, they get to benefit from a whole host of exclusive perks. The perks include bonuses, promotions, gifts and even exclusive trips to some exotic resorts both within the South East Asian region and beyond.

The VIP Program at Aw8 Casino just like many other programs offered by different sites is multi-tiered. For this particular casino, the program comes with five tiers. Players start at the lowest level but elevate to higher levels depending on their playing history. The beauty of elevating to higher tiers is that the higher the tier the player enters, the more lucrative rewards s/he benefits from.

Well, arguably the most impressive thing about the VIP Program is that it’s a program for life. What this essentially means is that once players enter the program, they are VIP players for life. At no point can they lose their VIP status unless they lose or quit their accounts. As such, this means all the associated benefits of being a VIP member will be benefits for life! Imagine having a guarantee of benefiting from various match bonuses and promotions on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, how cool is that?

VIP member enjoy a lot of rewards at Aw8 casino

Starting the AW8 Casino VIP Journey

Becoming a VIP member at Aw8 Casino isn’t a difficult thing at all. All that players need to do at first is to register their casino accounts. The beauty of the Aw8 Casino registration process is that it's easy to complete and can be completed in a matter of just minutes. Once players complete the registration process, they should proceed to load their accounts for the first time. Afterwards, all that’s left is to enter the casino lobby and select games to play.

For each real money bet that players place, they scoop comp points. The size of the comp points awarded depends upon the size of the bet amount placed. It’s important however to note that all games available in the casino lobby contribute comp points. This, therefore, means whether you are a slots lover, a sports punter or you prefer playing table and card games as well as live dealer games, you will still be able to earn the comp points.

As the VIP Program is multi-tiered, players upon registering their accounts and starting their gambling adventure start at the Bronze level after they reach the stipulated comp points threshold for the level. Though this is just the first level, players are still guaranteed of enjoying some great perks such as daily bonuses and promotions.

From the Bronze level, players level up to the Silver level. The benefits in the Silver level are more lucrative and rewarding. From the Silver level, players head on to the Gold level and then the Platinum level. The most prestigious of all levels is the Diamond level. This is the apex of the VIP pyramid and once players reach this level, they are guaranteed of benefiting from the very best of exclusive bonuses and promotions.

Benefits of Becoming a VIP Member at Aw8 Casino

Many great benefits come with being a VIP member at Aw8 Casino. Below we expose and explore all the benefits that members get to enjoy right from the Bronze level up to the most prestigious of all, the Diamond level.

Special Offers

Undoubtedly, the first major benefit of the VIP Program is the special offers awarded to VIP members. The special offers often come in the form of bonuses and promotions. Aw8 Casino avails special tailor-made bonuses and promotions exclusive to VIP players only. These bonuses and promotions often are availed on a rolling basis. They come in different shapes and forms at any given point in time. They may come in the form of match bonuses, reload bonuses, reactivation bonuses, free bets, and free spins among many others. As they come on a rolling basis, players should stay glued to their accounts to know what’s currently up for grabs.

Dedicated customer service

VIP players benefit from dedicated customer service. Unlike the customer service used by all other players, VIP members at any point they seek support are guaranteed to be connected to an agent in seconds. There is thus no need to wait for a few minutes before an agent becomes available.

Faster and higher withdrawal limits

Another great benefit that VIP members enjoy relates to faster and higher withdrawal limits. Thanks to the former, players can lay hands on their winnings in just a matter of a few hours or days depending on the banking method they use. The latter allows players to withdraw quite a substantial amount in one go. This particularly comes in handy to players who scoop a huge win or jackpot and want to withdraw it in one go instead of withdrawing the funds in small portions over an elongated time.

Sponsored getaways

Eager to go on that once-in-a-lifetime trip to your dream destination? If yes, then you may not need to stress yourself about where you will get the money to do that. This is necessitated by the fact that once you become a VIP member at AW8 Casino, you can partake in various competitions. When you partake in these competitions, you stand a chance of winning a fully sponsored getaway trip to your dream destination!

Earn higher points on certain games

The thing is, it's more difficult to break the VIP program than levelling up and moving higher up the VIP tiers. This is necessitated by the fact that once one becomes a VIP player, in certain games, the comp points they earn per each stake they place are significantly enhanced. As such, while it may take several betting cycles to earn a certain number of points, once a player becomes a VIP, it may just take a single or a couple of betting rounds to earn the same value of comp points. It's against this background that levelling up is much simpler.

Low wagering requirements

Another impressive benefit of becoming a VIP member at Aw8 Casino is that you benefit from low wagering requirements. Whereas as a standard player you are required to satisfy wagering requirements up to 10x or more for each bonus or promotion offered, you may just be required to meet the wagering requirements up to 5x or even 3x once you become a VIP player. In essence, this, therefore, means as a VIP member, you will be able to quickly lay your hands-on winnings after you claim a bonus.

Super gift for Aw8 VIP players to claim

AW8 Casino VIP FAQ

1. How can I join the Aw8 Casino VIP Program?

To join the AW8 Casino program, you just need to create your account, deposit funds and start playing real money games. With each real money bet you place; you receive comp points. When the comp points reach a certain threshold, you enter the VIP program at the lowest tier that is, the Bronze level. From there, you level up to the highest tier which is the Diamond level depending on the comp points you earn.

2. Which games can I play as a VIP member at Aw8 Casino?

The beauty of being a VIP member is that you can play all the games in the casino lobby.

3. What do I benefit when I become an Aw8 Casino VIP member?

The benefits available to Aw8 Casino VIP members include higher and faster withdrawal limits, special offer, dedicated customer support service, sponsored getaways, earning higher comp points for faster levelling up and low wagering requirements.

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