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Aw8 live TV streaming football match

Overview of Aw8 Casino

Aw8 Casino is one of the most widely visited online casino in Malaysia and surrounding South-East Asian countries. The multitudes of players who favour settling at Aw8 Casino are attracted by the sheer high number of impressive features that the casino boasts of. Amongst these are the live streaming and in-play betting feature. These features make life easier and convenient for sports punters in so many ways that will be explored below. 

Live Streaming Sports

Aw8 Casino was one of the very first online casinos to embrace live streaming features. Essentially, live streaming entails watching live sports on one’s device be it the desktop or mobile. The live streams are accessed in this instance via Aw8.

The emergence of live streaming services has made the life of sports punters easier. This is largely necessitated by the fact that punters can now just access their casino account, head over to the live streaming page and select the event they want to watch live. This, therefore, eliminates the need of paying exorbitant fees for cable TV which in some instances may not broadcast all the live sports that a punter prefers watching live.

Aw8 Casino’s live streaming service is so extensive that it broadcasts live events from all corners of the world. From the most followed leagues globally such as the English Premier Leagues to the lower leagues, punters at the online casino can access it all. The sports most broadcasted on the AW8 Casino live sport TV include the following:


Arguably, soccer is the most covered sport on the Aw8 Casino live sport TV. The casino broadcasts live random games from all over the world be it the top leagues or lower league soccer. When it comes to the top leagues, punters ought to note that they can watch live games from the English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, France Ligue 1 and Uruguay Primera Division among many others.


Tennis is one of the sports that’s played almost daily. There are of course big tournaments such as Wimbledon and other grassroots tournaments conducted across the world. Whether you want to watch matches from the big tournaments or you have a budding youngster that you love watching in the grassroots tournaments, the AW8 Casino live sport TV gives you that opportunity.


Week in and week out, the Aw8 Casino live sport TV broadcasts live various golf matches. This, therefore, means all golf lovers will find the AW8 Casino live sport TV highly appealing.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most popular horse racing gambling activities globally. All horse racing lovers in the South East Asian region are afforded the chance of watching their favourite horses take to the racing track in real-time when they visit the Aw8 Casino live sort TV.

In-Play Betting

The AW8 Casino live streaming service works in tandem with the in-play (live) betting feature. it's safe to say that the live streaming service complements the in-play betting feature. this is necessitated by the fact that when punters head over to the live streaming service, they can watch any event they want to bet on in real-time. As they do, they know how the action is panning out in real-time and hence can place bets on a more informed decision. thanks to the live streaming service, the chances of placing high probable winning bets is very high.

How to Locate the Aw8 Casino Live Sport TV

All sports punters eager to know how they can manoeuvre and reach the Aw8 Casino live sport TV simply need to check the step-by-step guide outlined below.

  1. The first step is to launch the official AW8 Casino website.
  2. Once punters open the homepage, they should navigate to the header tab and search for the ‘TV Section’ button
  3. Click the ‘TV Section’ button to launch the live sport TV page
  4. On the live sport TV page, punters can see all the live games currently going on as well as all the sport types which are broadcasted live at the casino
  5. From the live games displayed, punters simply need to select the one they prefer watching and immediately, the event starts streaming.

Punters ought to note that there is an alternative route of watching sport events live at Aw8 Casino. This route entails scrolling for all live events on the homepage. Once they locate the live sports, click on the link provided. If there is an available live stream for that event, a small TV icon appears which punters can click to start streaming the event. However, if there isn’t a TV icon, it means the event cannot be streamed live.

Watch live tv at Aw8 casino

Aw8 Casino Live Streaming FAQ

1. Which sports are broadcasted live at Aw8 Casino?

AW8 Casino broadcasted a varied range of sports online. These include soccer, golf, tennis, basketball and horse racing. Punters ought to note that the live sport TV covers both the top leagues/tournaments for these sports as well as lower league events.

2. Do I have to pay a fee to stream live sports at Aw8 Casino?

No, there is no fee that punters should pay to stream live the live-streamed sports at AW8 Casino. All that’s required from punters is an active internet connection and access to the Aw8 Casino live sport TV.

3. Can I use a mobile device to stream live sports at AW8 Casino?

Yes, it's possible to use a mobile device to stream live sports at Aw8 Casino.

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