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Withdrawal money from Aw8 account

Step by Step Guide to Withdrawing Funds at Aw8 Casino

  1. The first step to withdrawing funds at Aw8 Casino is to access one’s account. As all of the casino’s services are available on mobile, it means players can access their accounts either on the desktop or on mobile devices. You should create your Aw8 account first before withdrawal.
  2. Upon launching the homepage, players should navigate to the header tab on the extreme right-hand side and click on the ‘Withdraw’ button.
  3. A new page emerges once players click the ‘Withdraw’ button. On the new page, players should fill the blank spaces with the requisite information requested. The information requested relates to one’s bank name, amount to be withdrawn, account owner, bank account and withdrawal number.
  4. Complete the withdrawal process by clicking on the ‘Verified’ button.

Bank transfer method to withdraw money

Tips to Bear in Mind When Making a Withdrawal

Below are the important tips that players should bear in mind at all times before, during and after the withdrawal process.

  • The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is MYR25 and the maximum per transaction is MYR25,000.
  • There is no limit as to the number of transactions a player can do per day. If a player wishes to withdraw over MYR25,000, s/he can make multiple transaction one after the other until the full amount is reached.
  • Players who enter the VIP Program can increase their withdrawal limits.
  • After the withdrawal process is completed, players should wait for a maximum 10-minute window for the funds to reflect in their accounts. If this doesn’t happen, players should quickly contact the customer support agents.
  • Aw8 live house agents can verify each transaction at any time.
  • Players should stick to the same withdrawal option as the one used during the first withdrawal. Any changes in the withdrawal options attracts a fee.

Crypto withdraw money from Aw8

Aw8 Casino Withdrawals FAQ

1. What is the highest amount that I can withdraw per transaction at Aw8 Casino?

The maximum withdrawal is pegged at MYR25,000. This however is for standard players. Those who enter the VIP Program can have their withdrawal limits increased.

2. Which banking methods can I use when I want to withdraw funds at Aw8 Casino?

At the present moment, Aw8 Casino only processes withdrawals via bank accounts unlike deposit at Aw8 account with multiple methods.

3. How long does a withdrawal take at Aw8 Casino?

Withdrawals at Aw8 Casino are very fast. At most, they take up to 10 minutes. If the 10-minute window lapses, players are recommended to seek support from customer support agents.

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