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Deposit money into Aw8 account

Overview of Aw8 Casino

Aw8 Casino’s stock keeps growing by the day. With each passing day, the casino is becoming a fan favourite amongst many South-East Asian players. The popularity of online casino stems from many factors. Briefly, these include the availability of lots of lucrative bonuses and promotions, competitive odds for sports betting products, mobile-friendly games, safe gameplay and free games among many others. It’s against this background that the casino attracts many prospective players each day.

Many of these prospective players end up creating their Aw8 Casinos. Once they do, they are required to deposit funds before accessing any of the real money gambling products offered. In light of this, this comprehensive Aw8 Casino deposits guide aims at imparting all new players with the requisite knowledge on how they can make their deposits and the banking methods they can use among other pertinent depositing process needs.

Crypto deposit to your Aw8 account

Overview of the Deposit Process at Aw8 Casino

Once players complete the account registration process, the next step they need to take before accessing their favourite games is to load their accounts. The deposit process at Aw8 Casino is quite simple but most importantly, players need to know all the intricacies involved to prevent any possible challenges which may in turn lead them to lose some of their hard-earned cash. Below we expose and explore some important things to bear in mind at all times when making a deposit.

Deposits reflect almost instantly

The first thing to note about deposits is that they reflect almost instantly. What this therefore means is that when you make a deposit, it should reflect instantly. If that doesn’t happen, wait a max of 10 minutes to see if the deposit goes through. If it doesn’t go through during the 10-minute window, then players should quickly contact customer support agents to rectify the situation.

No limits to daily deposits

There is no limit as to the number of deposits a player can make on any day. Players can make as many deposits as they deem fit. Thanks to this, players can be proactive when they prepare their gambling budgets.

Each banking method has its min/max deposit limits

There are numerous banking methods supported at the online casino that players can use in making their deposits. While this is the case, players ought to note that each of the deposit methods come with distinct min/max deposit limits. Players, therefore, need to check this information before settling for any particular banking method. In the same vein, the flexibility of the banking methods means some cater to the low rollers while others cater to the high rollers.

The name of the banking method in use should match with details provided when registering the casino account

When creating an account at Aw8 Casino, it's recommended that players use accurate details always. For things such as full name, date of birth and the like, players should provide details as they appear on the government-issued ID. When making a deposit, Aw8 Casino cross-checks if the details on the banking method aligns with the details provided by the player during the registration process. If the information does not align, the casino will think that there is some fraudulent activity going on and owing to its strict anti-money laundering laws, quickly reject the transaction. In some instances, it flags the transaction and alerts the authorities.

Banking Methods Supported for Deposits

Aw8 Casino works with several reputable payment providers. Most of these providers support both deposits and withdrawals money from Aw8. The multiplicity of the banking methods mean that players are spoiled for choice when choosing the banking methods to use. The banking methods supported can be classified into three categories which are as follows:

  • Fast Online Payments: Most players at the casino prefer using fast online payments. EeziePay is one such quick payment option that players opt for. The beauty of such payments lies in the fact that they are ‘fast’. Players who use the methods are thus guaranteed of receiving funds just minutes after they do the deposits transaction.
  • Bank Transfer: Bank transfers are popular all over the world even at Aw8 Casino. Most players who favour bank transfers love the simple fact that all bank transfers are reliable. The major downside of bank transfers in comparison to other banking methods is that they process relatively longer.
  • Electronic wallets: Electronic wallets include payment providers such as Skrill and Neteller. Electronic wallets come with one major attribute loved by most players that is, it guarantees player anonymity online. In addition to this, electronic wallets are also good in that they process transactions instantly.

Quickpay deposit at Aw8 account

Step by Step Guide to Depositing Funds at Aw8 Casino

The actual deposit process is quite easy and straightforward. The process is made easy owing to the fact that once it starts, prompts appear on the screen guiding players on the steps they need to take. To deposit funds, players should follow the steps outlined below:

  1. The first step is to access one’s account. As Aw8 Casino is fully responsive and adaptable on mobile, it means players can start the deposit process even on their mobile devices.
  2. Upon landing on the homepage, players should navigate to the header tab and select the ‘Deposit’ option under the ‘My Account’ tab.
  3. Once players select the ‘Deposit’ option, all the payment gateways supported appear on the screen. The player thus has to choose the gateway s/he prefers. As alluded to earlier, there are three gateways to choose from which are as follows: Quick Payment (fast online payments), bank transfers and electronic.
  4. Once players choose the gateway they prefer, the next thing is to enter the amount they wish to deposit. Those using the Quick Payment and the Bank Transfer, also need to choose the linked bank account.
  5. After satisfying the above, players should wait to receive the one-time password (OTP). Upon receiving the OTP, players should complete the deposit process for the transaction to process smoothly. An important thing to note is that the OTP notification pings on the mobile phone number used when registering the account. Players, therefore, need to keep the device on their side when depositing a fast transaction. Read more about how to register Aw8 account.

Bank transfer deposit to your Aw8 account

Important Things to Bear in Mind When Loading an Aw8 Casino Account

Before, during and after the deposit process, players need to be aware of the following factors which pave the way for a smooth transaction.

  1. The first thing to note is that even though each banking method has its set min/max deposit limits, Aw8 Casino as an entity also has a broad min/max deposit transaction limit. The minimum is pegged at $6 while the maximum is pegged at $13,000,000 (Singapore currency).
  2. The banking method used should bear the name of the player. If any of the details do not align, the casino flags the transaction for possible fraudulent activity.
  3. Players when they input the amount they wish to deposit; should omit the last three zeros. To put this into practice, if a player wants to deposit $100,000, then s/he needs to enter only 100.
  4. For bank transfers, there are specified banks which Aw8 Casino works with. It’s not every bank in the world that players can use when depositing funds. Players, therefore, are recommended to check the supported banks first before depositing funds.
  5. After every ‘successful’ deposit transaction, AW8 Casino gives the player a payment receipt. Its recommended that players keep this receipt. After a deposit goes through, the funds reflect in the player’s account almost instantly. However, in some cases, players may need to be patient for some minutes (a maximum of 10 minutes). Often, the 10-minute window is enough for the transaction to go through. However, in some rare cases, the funds may fail to reflect. When this happens, the player will need to contact the customer support agents and seek help. For the issue to be addressed instantly, players should share the payment receipt with the support agents.

Aw8 Casino Deposits FAQ

1. Can someone deposit funds on my behalf at AW8 Casino?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Only the registered player can make a deposit directly into his/her account. If a deposit is made using a banking method that bears a different name from the one used in registering an account, the casino flags the transaction for fraudulent activity. In some cases, the transaction may simply fail to go through while in other cases, the casino may alert the authorities for further inspection.

2. Does Aw8 Casino charge deposit fees for all deposits?

No, AW8 Casino does not charge any deposit fee for all deposits regardless of the banking method used. The amount that leaves the paying account is the amount that reflects in the player’s casino account. Any fees that may be incurred during the transfer process are those charged by the paying account most notably banks.

3. What’s Aw8 Casino’s bank account number which I should use for direct bank transfers?

To ensure that players have and use the correct bank account when sending funds to AW8 Casino, the casino recommends that players contact customer support agents via the official channels and request accurate banking details. It's not recommended for players to just ‘Google’ the casino’s banking details online and use them as-is. This owing to the fact that the casino may change the banking details without notice at any time.

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