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Aw8 Sports Betting: Not Merely Depend on Luck 

Sports betting games at Aw8

The history of sports betting in Malaysia

The history of sports betting, in general, is as old as the history of sports. This in essence means sports betting has been practised since time immemorial. Back in the day, however, sports betting wasn’t legal as mostly it was done underground. With time, however, authorities saw the massive potential of sports betting revenue-wise and they decided to legalise the activity in the process earning their fair share of sports betting revenue. Malaysia is one such country that legalised sports betting after realising the lucrativeness of the industry.

Sports betting has been legal in Malaysia for several decades now. In the earliest times, sports betting was largely restricted to horse racing. However, the authorities embraced more and more sports over time and nowadays, punters can place bets on virtually any sport for as long as it's classified as a professional sport.

Before the advent of the internet and the mobile revolution that followed afterwards, all sports punters in Malaysia could only place their bets once they visited land-based betting halls. After the legalisation of sports betting in the country, several land-based betting halls set up shop in the country. Thanks to this, all punters were afforded the opportunity of partaking in their favourite pastime as they could simply visit the nearest retail betting halls to place their bets.

However, the advent of the internet changed the industry as online sportsbooks started to emerge. Online sportsbooks had many advantages over retail betting halls such as the convenience of placing bets in the comfort of one’s own home hence multitudes of Malaysian punters after the emergence of online bookmakers started to favour them over retail betting halls. Today, thousands of punters visit online sportsbooks to place bets on various sports. One of the online sportsbooks which attracts a huge proportion of the sports punters is Aw8 Casino also affectionately referred to as Acewin Casino.

Overview of Aw8 Sportsbook

AW8 Sportsbook is part of the bigger Aw8 Casino brand. The sportsbook accepts bets on a wide range of sports be it the popular sports or the niche sports. This is one of the major reasons why multitudes of sports punters flock to the sportsbook every single day as they are guaranteed to find all events that they want to bet on.

Even more impressive about the sportsbook is that it offers arguably the biggest depth of sports betting markets in the whole of Malaysia. This, therefore, means all punters who settle at the sportsbook are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing betting markets for any sport. Those who favour going for the common betting markets that offer relatively low odds can do so while those who favour going for the riskier betting markets that offer relatively high odds can do so. Essentially, this means AW8 Sportsbook is an online gambling platform that accommodates all types of punters.

Moving with the times, the AW8 Sportsbook now doesn’t offer only the traditional sports talk of football, rugby, cricket, tennis, basketball, and hockey but it also offers more modern sports namely virtual games. Virtual games are simulated games that mimic some real-life sporting events and tournaments. Players can place bets on the simulated games just like they do with traditional sports. The presence of virtual sports thus makes the product offering at Aw8 Casino much more varied.

Aw8 Sportsbook Software Providers

Aw8 Sportsbook doesn’t work alone in offering its gambling products to sports punters. Rather, it works with several software providers. It is these software providers which provide some of the betting products chief among them the virtual games. The software developers that the sportsbook works with include:

  • Esports
  • Bet Radar
  • M8 Bet
  • Sbobet
  • Max Bet
  • CMD 368

Features of the Aw8 Sportsbook

There is much more to Aw8 Sportsbook than just its sports betting products. The sportsbook does have several other features which help in making the platform much more comfortable and convenient for punters. Below, we expose and explore these important features.

Mobile Gaming

The first thing that we want to state about reputable bookies like Aw8 is that its adaptable and fully responsive on mobile. This, therefore, means that punters even in the comfort of their own homes can simply log in to their accounts, check out all upcoming events and start placing their bets with ease. There is no need of taking long and often expensive trips to retail betting halls. Such great convenience also means that punters can place bets even on the go. For the best mobile gaming experience, punters at Aw8 Sportsbook are advised to use mobile devices running on Android or iOS operating systems.

Multiple Betting Options

Punters have the freedom of placing bets on loads of sporting events. Even more impressive is that Aw8 Sportsbook allows punters to place multiple bets on the same bet slip. When punters do this, they benefit from the accumulators win boost.

Live Betting and Streaming Services

Just recently, AW8 Sportsbook added live betting and streaming services. What this therefore means is that punters can place bets on events that are already in action. The beauty of doing this is that the bets that punters place are placed from a much-informed position. As such, the probability of the bets winning is very high. Even more impressive is that for some events especially football, tennis and horse racing, punters can watch the events live as they unfold thanks to the live streaming platform. Though only a handful of events are streamed live on the platform, the sportsbook is moving towards covering more events in the near future.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions at Aw8 Casino aren’t just reserved for the casino players but they are also extended to the sports punters. When it comes to the sports punters, they start benefiting from the promotional perks right from the word go thanks to the welcome bonus package. Regular punters are also catered for via numerous promotions which are offered on a rolling basis. The promotions often come in the form of birthday bonuses, weekly rebates, free bets, daily cash reload bonuses and exclusive offers such as winning signed pro player shirts.

Type of sports games provided at Aw8 casino

Aw8 Sports Betting Products

At Aw8 Sportsbook, punters are afforded the chance of placing bets on a wide variety of sports. Truth be said, the sportsbook accepts bets on all sports for as long as they are played professionally. It does not matter the region where the sport takes place, for as long as it's classified as a professional sport, it’s offered at Aw8 Sportsbook. If for some reason punters fail o find an event they want to bet on, they can simply get in touch with customer support agents and request a special bet. The sportsbook will work out the odds for the event and allow the punter to place a bet. While punters can place bets on dozens of sports, the most popular sports at the sportsbook together with the most popular betting markets are as follows:

  1. Football: Football is arguably the most popular sport at Aw8 Casino. Punters can bet on local, regional or international events. The three most popular betting markets for the sport are the 1x2 market, Correct Score, and Over/Under. For the 1x2 market, punters choose the team to win between the Home Team or the Away Team. They can also predict a draw. For the Correct Score market, punters specify the exact score line at the end of the regulation time. For the Over/Under market, punters specify the number of goals that a team is going to win/lose by.
  2. Volleyball: In second place in terms of popularity is volleyball. The three popular betting markets for the sport are the handicap, total score bet and correct score bet. The handicap entail specifying the margin that the winning/losing team will win/lose by. The total score bet entail predicting the number of points to be scored by both teams. The correct score bet entail predicting the score for each round by team.
  3. Basketball: Basketball is just as highly popular in South East Asia as it is in North America. The top three betting markets for the sport are set bet, last scorer and Over/Under. The set bet entail predicting the number of points to be scored in a set. The last scorer entail predicting the team to score last before the end of the match. The Over/Under entail predicting whether the total number of points scored will be lower or higher than a specified threshold.

AW8 Sportsbook FAQ

1. Which virtual games are offered at Aw8 Sportsbook?

The virtual games offered at Aw8 Sportsbook include virtual football, virtual basketball, virtual tennis, virtual dog racing and virtual horse racing.

2. Can I place bets on the go when I settle at Aw8 Sportsbook?

Yes, it's possible to place bets on the go at Aw8 Sportsbook. This is necessitated by the fact that the sportsbook is adaptable and fully responsive on mobile.

3. Can I place bets free of charge at Aw8 Sportsbook?

Yes, it's possible to place bets free of charge at AW8 Sportsbook. Punters however can only do this when they take advantage of the various bonuses and promotions which the sportsbook offers on a rolling basis.

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