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Mega888: Next Level of Slot Game Provider

Mega means big and 888 stands for luck, meaning if internet gamblers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand can get big luck when they play at this online Malaysia casino!

Mega888 is one of the hottest and latest online casinos in Asia. Their internet gaming platform can be accessed via the MEGA888 apk download which players can simply download to their mobile phone. It is compatible with Android, iOS, windows and more.

If you are new Malaysian gambler, this is a best online casino to begin playing in. They have many best online slot games that are simple and fun to play. If you are still not sure, there is also a MEGA888 test ID which lets you play free games.

Additionally, you don’t have to be profession to play online slot games as they are accessible to starters, and come with big rewards. Further to loyalty rewards, welcome bonus and big promotional offers mega88 is the top site for those who love gambling to enjoy games on the online world and earn important money. All you have to perform is download the application on your mobile gadget, register for an account, then start playing games.

Mega888 famous games to play

5 Fortune

For those who are extremely conversant with online casino games, 5 Fortune is one of the top slot games with the highest payouts. Gamers forever tend to play this game whenever you want. The game was designed to be slow-paced to permit gamers to absorb all its fun and wonderful features.

On every spin, you will admire its golden visuals and its amazing theme. 5 Fortune has fifteen pay lines and an adjustable denomination. You are also promised a free spin at every corner if you play the game extremely well.

7 Crazy

This particular online slot game is also known as Crazy 7 Slot. As simple as the game was designed, it is very addictive, but you can simply understand how it is played. It is because of its simplicity that many users favor to play it whenever they want. Definitely, it also has one of the top payouts in MEGA88 online casino games.

Its single pay lines permit the gamer to place a bet and click spin without any issue. That is all.  This automated online slot machine will perform the rest of the work for you. Because of its amazing appeal, it has become one of the most famous games among new gamers.

8 Ball slots

Since the advent of internet casino platforms in Asia, 8 Ball slots have stood out to be among the best top games ever developed. It was designed to emulate real-life pools, making it special and legendary.

Anyway, there has been continuing modification to the games design over the past few years, making it more amazing and alluring.

Aladdin Wishes

This particular slot games is largely played by those who love mystical and fantasies stories. In this game, you will see flying carpets, genies, and other similar characters portrayed in the Aladdin movie by Disney. It is one of the top games to play and also has high payouts.

Tips to play Mega888 online on Aw8

Here are a few tips that can help you improve your winning chance:

Pick the best slot games

First thing first, picking a slot game to play is also a technique itself. You must pick a slot game that you are actually relaxed with, because you are going to stay here for a long time. It is preferred that you select your favorite theme and find a slot game with amazing graphics. On the Aw8, all the slot games are tested for gameplay so you should not hesitate.

Calculate risk

You should forever be collecting data while playing a slot game to help you in calculating risk, this will make it simple for you to determine when you should best max or reduce your bet next time. Some gameplay elements that can help you in your effort are visual cues and multipliers, utilize them as indicators for your betting amount whenever you can.

Be patient

Patience is key for slot games need you to keep pulling slots for hours on end, if you don’t have the patience for this, then it will actually be impossible for you to win at any slot games unless you get really, really luck.


What are the most famous slot games of Mega888?

Mega888 has introduced many famous slot games that remained famous among many players after its release. It has immediately the most famous and popular slot machine betting platform in Malaysia. We advise you to play the following three famous and high standard slot games. Enjoy the top play experience and the easiest chance to win high rewards now.

  • Sun Wukong
  • GreatBlue
  • Dolphin Reef

Why is Mega888 slot game provider so special?

The Mega888 slot game provider provides the highest and safest standard entertainment environment for players, and actively builds Malaysia impeccable and trusted online casino, which brings simple-to-play and simple-to-win online slot entertainment. In the footsteps, explore the other specs of Mega888:

  • Easy operation of the game interface
  • The most famous slot machine games (Dolphin Reef, Highway Kings, Sun Wukong, and GreatBlue).
  • Support for iOS and Android systems, build a mobile online Malaysia casino
  • More than 100s of slot machine styles and other casino table games (roulette, baccarat, blackjack, etc).
  • Simple to play and simple to win platform, rich wins odds, simple to win big wins
  • Create the most perfect betting system
  • The highest jackpot

What are the 3 Mega888 slot game categories you should not miss?

  • Slot machine players can experience many famous themed slot games and can pick to play according to their favorite themes and preferred odds!
  • Table slot games Mega888 provides a table slot game category that permits players who love classic table games to fulfill their desire to play blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc.
  • Arcade games exclusively released arcade games category, Thunderbolt is one of the Mega888 favourite arcade games.
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