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Slots, there are arguably the most popular of all casino games. For games to be as hugely popular as slot games, there must be something or somethings that appeals to most players. It's safe to say that when it comes to slots, there isn’t a single universal factor which explains the popularity of slots but rather, a combination of factor that blend in the process, making slots the most loved games in the entire world. Owing to the popularity of online slots, all online gambling platforms that set up shop in all corners of the world don’t make the cardinal mistake of not featuring online slots. It’s against this background that the leading Aw8 offers an extensive selection of online slots. Aw8 online slot games

History of Online Slot Games in South East Asia

While AW8 Casino is one of the online gambling platforms in South East Asia that offer online slot games, players ought to note that it's not the first platform to offer slots. Rather, slots have been enjoyed by South East Asian folks long before AW8 Casino was founded. It's not known exactly when slots were first introduced to South East Asia. However, it’s believed that the games were introduced to the region at the tail end of the 20th Century when Western-styled casino games were introduced in the Asian region. Since then, more and more slot games have found their way to the South-East Asian region and they have found many takers. After the launch of the first online slot in 1996, online slots soon found their way to the South-East Asian region. At the time, online slots were only accessible at offshore online casinos. It was only after the authorities in the region warmed up to online gambling a few years after the turn of the millennium that online slots were offered at regulated online casinos operating in the region.

Why Play Online Slot Games

Since the introduction of online slots in the South East Asian region, they have proved much more popular than mechanical slots offered at land-based casinos. To understand why this is the case, one just needs to take a closer look at the slots inside the Aw8 Casino lobby. When one takes a closer look, it quickly becomes crystal clear why most Aw8 casino players favour playing online slots. Below we expose and explore the reasons behind the popularity of Aw8 slot games.

Great Convenience

The first thing that we need to say about the AW8 Casino slots is that they are convenient games to play. By this, what we mean is that players can start spinning the reels of their favourite games wherever they are whenever they want. In the comfort of one’s own home, players can just load the AW8 Casino site, enter the lobby, search for a slot to play and start spinning the reels! There isn’t any need to put on nice clothes, board a bus and travel miles to access slots at distant land-based casinos. Even more impressive is that AW8 Casino is mobile compatible hence players can just use their mobile devices in accessing their favourite games online.

Varied Range of Bet Options Supported

Online slot games that players find inside the Aw8 Casino lobby support a varied range of bet options. What this therefore means is that players regardless of whether they view themselves as budget players or high rollers are guaranteed of finding the right type of games to play.

Extensive Selection of Different Types of Games

AW8 Casino has a huge selection of online slots. This, therefore, means all types of players are guaranteed of finding games that suit their needs regardless of their preferences. Players who love classic 3-reel slots are guaranteed of finding loads of such games and likewise, players who favour modern 5-reel slots are also guaranteed of finding such games. The varied nature of the games also means players are guaranteed of finding all sorts of themed games from nature-themed slots, oriental-themed slots, wild west-themed slots, gems and jewels themed slots, Greek-themed slots to fruit-themed slots among many others.

Slots Software Developers

Many players may be wondering why Aw8 Casino has a large selection of online slot games. Well, the answer lies in the fact that the casino has cordial working relations with dozens of leading software developers. It is these software developers which develop the online slots and proceed to distribute them to various online casinos including Aw8 Casino. Some of the top software developers which supply the online slots available in the AW8 Casino lobby include:

  • Playtech: The software developer supplies the majority of classic 3-reel slots
  • Mega888: An Asian software developer which predominantly designs oriental-themed slots
  • 918Kiss: Fierce competitor to Mega888 focusing also on designing oriental slots
  • Asia Gaming: Another of the Asian brands which designs a diverse range of slots
  • Pragmatic Play: Innovative software developer which designs modern multi-pay slots

Features of Top Slot Games

While online slots are generally popular, players aren’t recommended of settling for the first slot game they stumble upon inside the AW8 Casino lobby. Rather, they should take their time in choosing the perfect game to play which suits their playing preferences. This is necessitated by the fact that slots come with various features. Due to these features, different games do appeal to specific groups of players. Some slots owing to their features favour the budget-conscious players while others favour the high rollers. Likewise, some slots favour the beginner players while other are more suited to the pro players. To choose the right online slot to play, players should check out various slot features first before they start wagering their real cash. The top features to look out for are as follows:

  • Mobile Compatibility: Most players nowadays favour playing games on mobile. As such, players should check out if a game is mobile-friendly first before placing their wagers. Though most slots are now mobile-friendly, there are still some which are only available on mobile.
  • RTP Percentages: RTP (return to player percentages) determines the rate at which the player will reap monetary rewards from a game that is, when playing the game for real money. Players playing games for real thus are recommended to settle for games with high RTP percentages. High RTP percentages mean the probability of reaping excellent rewards during gameplay is high.
  • Betting Limits: Each game comes with its own set of betting limits. Players, therefore, are recommended to check the limits first to see if they accommodate budget-conscious players, high rollers or both.
  • Volatility: Slots come with different volatility levels. Generally, there are three which are low, standard and high. Low volatility favours casual players who want to win low payouts but constantly. High volatility favours high rollers who prefer winning periodic huge payouts.

Slot game provider at Aw8

Top Slots Games Offered

  1. Mega Moolah: The Mega Moolah slot is powered by Microgaming. The game comes with 5 reels and 25 paylines. What makes this game particularly appealing is its stunning jackpot which awards players up to a million dollars! Several players have won the jackpot before so the probability of you winning is high.
  2. Game of Thrones: This slot machine is based on the blockbuster HBO Game of Thrones TV series. As players start spinning the reels, they are drawn into the family feuds synonymous with the series plot. It is this immersive element of the slot which endears it with multitudes of players.
  3. King Cashalot: It’s not a secret that most players are after payouts and monetary rewards when playing slots. As such, it’s no surprise that the highest paying slots feature among the top slots’ games at Aw8 Casino. King Cashalot is a progressive game which has found many takers at AW8 Casino. As players spin the game’s 5-reels coming with 9 paylines, they stand a chance of winning a progressive jackpot that runs into a million dollars at random!
  4. Marvel Slots: At Aw8 Casino, players find the full slots collection of the Marvel slots. All fans of the Marvel comics will thus find the slots collection highly appealing. Some of the games that are a part of the collection include the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Thor: The Mighty Avenger, and Hulk.


1. Can players play the online slots offered at Aw8 Casino for free?

Yes, players can spin the reels of slots offered at AW8 Casino for free. The first option entails opting for the demo mode. Once players opt for the demo mode, they receive free credits from the game developer to start spinning the reels for free. Alternatively, players can make use of the casino’s numerous bonuses and promotions including the welcome offer to win free spins and free wagering cash which they in turn use to spin the reels for free.

2. Do all online slots at Aw8 Casino offer jackpot prizes?

Unfortunately, no, not all online slots at Aw8 Casino offer jackpot prizes. Some just offer standard payouts. To find the games that offer jackpot prizes, players should make use of the filter search and search for jackpot games. Jackpot games come in two formats. There are fixed jackpot slots and the more lucrative progressive jackpot slots.

3. Can I play AW8 Casino slots on the Aw8 Casino mobile app?

Yes, players can play all of the offered online slots at Aw8 Casino on the casino mobile app. The app is free to download both on the website and the Play Store.

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