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What is AW8 Casino

AW8 ( is the leading online gambling platform in the South East Asian region covering numerous countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. One of the reasons why AW8 Casino is highly popular is down to the high-security protocols the casino employs in securing player safety online. Below we check out the security and privacy protocols employed in detail.

Privacy Policy Mechanisms

Safeguarding of Player Comments and Media

Owing to the operations of the casino, players at one point or the other can leave some comments on the site. The comments may either be in text form or image form. All players should note that after leaving the comments, the casino will collect the data including the player’s IP address. This is done to help with spam detection. As the comments are often left on the public forum, it's recommended that players, on the image front, avoid uploading images with embedded location data as unscrupulous individuals may extract location data from the images.


To help players quickly access their accounts during the log-in process, AW8 Casino makes use of cookies. Well, the cookies also come in handy during site navigation for quick access to various casino pages and services. The beauty of the cookies is that they are an opt-in feature. players may choose to use them or not. When players choose to use them, they quickly load various casino pages but their data is stored by the casino.

Players ought to note that the log-in cookies last for two days. However, if players opt to activate the ‘Remember Me’ option, the log-in cookies last for two weeks. The log-in cookies are removed as soon as the player logs out of his/her account. All other screen options cookies last for up to a year.

At times, AW8 Casino may display embedded content from other sites. If players proceed to check out the embedded content, the internet treats the player’s device as if it has visited the original site from which the embedded content was borrowed. This, therefore, means that a particular (original) site may collect the player’s data, use cookies, monitor the player’s interaction with embedded content and in some instance embed additional third-party content.

How the Casino Retains Player Data

Players ought to note that the casino retains and stores all the data from each player under the player’s user profile. The data in storage can only be accessed by the player and website administrators. Both the player and the website administrators can see and edit the information. Players ought to note that all the information except for the username can be edited.

All the data that the player shares with the casino including any comments posted are retained indefinitely. This is done to recognise and approve future follow-up comments.

Player’s Rights to Data Shared with the Casino

The player has full rights to the data s/he shares with the casino. This, therefore, means at any point in time, the player may request to receive an exported file which showcases all the data that the casino has. The player also has the right to request that the casino delete in whole all the personal data that it has on behalf of the player. When this happens, the casino will delete the data except for the data which it is obliged to keep for security, legal or administrative purposes.

AW8 Casino Privacy Policy FAQ

Q1. Does AW8 Casino check all the comments posted by players?

Yes, AW8 Casino checks all the comments posted by players. The casino may do this manually or they may check through an automated spam detection service.

Q2. Can anyone besides the AW8 Casino agents access my location from the data I sent to the casino?

The data that the player sends to the casino including the IP address that AW8 Casino tracks whenever the player visits the site is not disclosed to anyone. However, when posting comments on the site, especially images, players should not upload images with embedded location data as third parties can extract location data from the images as they are publicly displayed on the site.

Q3. How long does AW8 Casino keep my log-in data?

When players log in to their accounts and opt to use cookies, the casino retains the log-in data for 2 days. However, when players opt to use cookies and proceed to activate the ‘Remember Me’ option, the casino retains the log-in data for 2 weeks.

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