Aw8 Poker: Challenging Game But Rewarding Return

Poker games online that provided by Aw8

The History of Poker in Malaysia

Generally speaking, the history of poker globally is distorted. Several theories try to explain the origins of poker. Some theories state that the game can be traced back to a domino card game played in the 10th Century in china. Other theories state that the game of poker emerged in the 16th Century as a revamped version of the Persian card game, ‘As Nas’. However, the most believable version is that poker as we know it today originated in New Orleans and it’s a revamped version of a game called ‘poque’. This theory states that after the game of poker emerged, it spread to other parts of the country and ultimately beyond borders to Europe and Asia. It was during this time that the game of poker was continuously modified into becoming the game we know today.

Regardless of which theory is true and which one is a myth, the thing is, we now have a highly exciting and entertaining game to play. This game can be played both in land-based casinos and online. The game has one of the smallest house edges in the gaming industry hence it's one of the most financially rewarding games to play. However, as a skill-based game, players must first acquire the necessary skillset which allows them to excel and succeed once they start playing the game.

In Malaysia, poker has been part of the main casino product offerings for a long time. The game was first played in land-based casinos but thanks to the advent of online gaming, players can now enjoy it in the comfort of their own homes. Even more impressive is the fact that the emergence of live casinos has made playing poker online even more exciting and convenient as the live gaming experience mimics the real-life gaming atmosphere experienced in land-based casinos. One of the online gambling platforms where players can enjoy online poker in real-time is the AW8 poker site.

Overview of Aw8 Poker Site

Aw8 is part of the bigger Aw8 Casino brand. This brand is highly popular amongst Malaysian casino players and sports punters. The poker side of Aw8 Casino does attract its multitudes of players as they settle at the platform looking to engage in their favourite pastime.

Aw8 poker site offers two distinct types of poker games. Namely, these are RNG poker and live poker. When talking about RNG poker, we are talking about poker games that players play while competing against computer opponents. As players compete against computer opponents, the odds of winning are entirely based upon the random number generator (RNG). It’s against this background that the game is dubbed RNG poker. Live poker on the other hand refers to a game of poker that mimics poker games played in land-based casinos. Live poker games are played in real-time and all the participating players and the dealer are all human. Live poker, therefore, is just an online version of land-based poker. As live poker is played entirely by humans, the odds of winning are based on each player’s skill level. 

Aw8 Poker Software Providers

When players venture inside the AW8 poker lobby, they encounter all sorts of poker games. Some as we have stated earlier are RNG poker games while others are live poker games. The reason why Aw8 poker site offers a wide variety of poker games is down to the fact that it works with the leading online poker games developer and distributor, IDN Poker. IDN Poker is responsible for supplying all of the poker games that players find inside the lobby. IDN Poker comes with a great reputation meaning all poker players at Aw8 Casino need not worry about their safety and security as IDN Poker guarantees the very best in terms of security standards and game reliability.

Top Features of Poker Games at Aw8 Poker Site 

Poker players at AW8 Casino ought to note that all the games come with the very best of in-game interactive and promotional tools and features. Thanks to these tools and features, players can expect great convenience during their gaming sessions. Some of the features incorporated in the poker games offered at Aw8 Casino include:

Mobile Gaming

First, we just want to state that players can access the poker games at Aw8 Casino from wherever they are. This is necessitated by the fact that the poker site is adaptable and fully responsive on mobile. Even more impressive is the fact that the IDN Poker App avails all poker games on the mobile app for easy access to all players.

Level Division

Poker is a game of skill. As such, when playing poker, players must compete against players that possess a similar skillset to theirs. When players compete against players with a lower skill set, they don’t improve their game and at the same time, can potentially regress. Likewise, when players compete against players with a far superior skill set, they may be disheartened by the gap exposed thereby affecting their confidence. Its recommended therefore to compete against players with a similar skillset as this allows them to learn more about the game without exposing themselves to negative elements. At AW8 Casino, there are different poker rooms offered each accommodating different players of a certain skillset. Players therefore can just choose the one most desirable to them.

Bonuses and Promotions

AW8 Casino every now and then offers poker bonuses and promotions. The perks cater to both the newly registered as well as regular players. Players who would love to take advantage of these and earn for themselves some free chips and wagering cash can easily do so.

Playing Online Poker at Aw8 Poker Site

Though there are different variants of poker, the overall objective for most games is the same. To start playing any poker game at Aw8 poker site, players should register their accounts first. Afterwards, launch the site and head over to the poker section. Once over there, choose the game you want to play and grab your seat.

The general objective when playing poker is to create the strongest (valuable) hand amongst all competing players. Once the dealer deals all the cards (2 cards dealt to the player initially, 3 community cards and 1 more community card in the Turn), players should organise their cards by combining them or discarding them such that they remain with the strongest possible hand. Once done, players compare hands and the one with the most valuable hand wins.

Poker games online that provided by Aw8

Most Popular Poker Games at Aw8 Poker Site

Despite the abundance of poker games at AW8 poker site, there are some games which seem to please most players. These popular games include:

Texas Hold ‘em

Texas Hold ‘em is arguably the most popular game on the Aw8 poker site. A gaming session playing the game takes place in four betting rounds. The first round is the Flop where the dealer deals two cards to each of the competing players. The second round is the Turn where 3 community cards are dealt. The third round is the River where an extra community card may be dealt. The final stage is where players compare hands to determine the winner. Players ought to note however that they may bluff their way to a win before reaching the final stage.

7-Card Stud

7-Card Stud is the poker variant most recommended to poker beginners. When playing the game, players are dealt 7 cards and they have to form the strongest 5-card hand from the seven cards awarded. The player’s first two cards are dealt face down. The next four cards are exposed face up and the last card is dealt face down. Players who create the strongest 5-card hand from the cards dealt win the game.

5-Card Draw

5 card draw poker is generally regarded as a classic poker game. this is necessitated by the fact that it’s the next best thing to traditional poker games. When playing the game, each of the competing players is dealt five cards face down. Afterwards, the betting round starts in which players can exchange their cards as many times as they want with the leftover pack. After the betting round, the ultimate stage comes in which players compare their hands to determine the player. Owing to the nature of the game, bluffing is very important. To put this into perspective, a player with a terrible hand may just pick and exchange one card to deceive others into thinking that s/he has a strong hand already and just wants to possibly increase the hand weight.

Aw8 Poker Site FAQ

1. What does ‘Raise’ means when playing live poker at Aw8 Casino?

When a player ‘raises’ playing live poker, it simply means s/he has increased the betting money.

2. Which poker variant offered at AW8 Casino appeals most to beginner players?

The most appealing poker variant for beginner players available at Aw8 Casino is 5-card draw poker.

3. What is the standard poker deck?

A typical poker deck for most poker games carries 52 cards. Of these, only the face cards 2 to 10 and letters A, K, Q, and J are in use.

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