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Aw8 Lottery: Simple Way to Win Big Chunk Money

Aw8 online lottery games

The History of Lottery in Malaysia

 The history of lottery (regulated lottery) in Malaysia dates back to 1969. During that year, two companies with blessings from the Malaysian government set up shop and they predominantly offered lottery games. A few years later, several other lottery companies emerged in the process setting up shop in various corners of the country.

At the turn of the new millennium, the pioneers in the online gaming industry in Malaysia quickly embraced online lottery as they knew the great affection for lottery games by Malaysian players as evidenced by the multitudes who visited retail betting halls to place their bets. With time, almost all online gaming operators that set up shop in the country had lottery games as one of their key product offerings. One such online gambling platform that offers lottery games in Malaysia is Aw8 bookie

Overview of Aw8 Casino Lottery Games

AW8 Casino is an online gambling platform of choice for most Malaysians. This is necessitated by the fact that it offers extremely high-security protocols which guarantee player safety online. Even more impressive however is the fact that the platform offers a varied range of gambling products. Among the offered products are lotto games that appeal to all fans of lucky number games.

The lottery games offered at Aw8 Casino are varied. There are the traditional lottery games in which players guess the lucky numbers that may be picked during the draw. There are also instant play scratchers that afford players the chance of scooping massive rewards in an instant if they scratch and reveal identical symbols/numbers on a scratch card.

Aw8 Lottery Software Providers

Upon entering the AW8 Casino lottery lobby, players are mesmerised by a sheer high number of top-quality lotto games on offer. Players ought to note that the casino can offer such a varied range of lottery games owing to the fact that it works with several lottery software developers. It is these software developers which supply the majority of games found inside the lobby. Some of the software developers include QQKeno, Thai Lottery, PK10, Keno, Sode, AllBet Gaming and Spade Gaming. However, players also ought to note that some of the lottery games offered are country lotteries. Country lotteries are supplied by the country-specific gaming commissions that run the lotteries.

Types of Lottery Games Offered

When players enter the Aw8 Casino lottery lobby, they are spoiled for choice in choosing the games to play. The options available include standard number lotteries, mini lotto games, daily lotto games, scratchers and multi-countries lotteries. Below we explore all these lotteries in detail.

Multi-Countries Lotteries

The most popular lottery games at AW8 Casino are multi-countries lotteries. The popularity of these games is largely necessitated by the fact that they offer ridiculous amounts in terms of jackpot payouts. None of the lotteries featuring in the category offer a jackpot prize of less than $1,000,000! This in essence means once you get your numbers correct, you are set for life. Even more impressive about these lotteries is that they offer consolation prizes to players who fall short of getting all numbers correct.

The most played multi-countries lotteries at Aw8 Casino include Euro Millions and the Euro Jackpot Lottery. Both these games have a once-a-week draw.

Daily Lotto

Ranking in the second position as the most popular games at the casino are daily lotto games. While daily lotto games don’t necessarily offer the biggest of jackpots in comparison to the multi-currency lotteries, their popularity largely stems from the fact that they have daily draws. As such, players who fall short of getting the lucky numbers correct can try once more the following day. In some cases, daily lotto games have two draws a day! This, therefore, means you can try your luck twice every single day.

One thing that most players need to bear in mind is that daily lotto games often allow players to pick probable lucky numbers from a small set. In most instances, players just need to pick three or four numbers for a jackpot prize. This differs from other games in which players have to pick six or more lucky numbers.

Standard Number Lotteries

Standard number lotteries often come in the form of country-specific lotto games. These games are in most respects similar to multi-countries lotteries. However, the glaring differences is that such games are run by individual country gaming commissions and they have multiple draws a week. Though country-specific lotto games are bundled together under the standard number lotteries portfolio, they do come in different formats.

To put the above into perspective, we are going to look at three different games. First, there is the German Lotto. When players play the German Lotto, they should pick six lucky numbers from 49 numbers. When it comes to Italian Lotto, players should pick six out of 90 numbers. On the other hand, when it comes to the Mega Millions Lotto, players should pick five lucky numbers out of 90.


Scratchers are very much different to all other lotto games discussed above. Players who would love to play scratchers need to buy a scratch card first. the good thing is that Aw8 Casino offers several scratch cards that come with differing ticket prices. As such, this means all types of players from the budget-conscious to the high rollers can find ticket prices that are commensurate with their pockets. Once players have purchased a scratch card, they simply need to scratch it in the process revealing hidden symbols/numbers underneath. If three or more of the revealed symbols/numbers match, players scoop an instant cash prize.

Picking lottery ticket that win jackpot

AW8 Casino Lottery FAQ

1. Is it possible to play Aw8 Casino lottery games on mobile?

Yes, Aw8 Casino is adaptable and fully responsive on mobile. This means players can launch the site on their mobile web browsers, enter the lottery lobby and start playing their favourite lotto games. Its recommended that players use mobile devices that run on either Android or iOS operating systems.

2. Does Aw8 Casino offer lottery bonuses and promotions?

Yes, AW8 Casino does offer lottery bonuses and promotions. Players just need to check the Promotions page to see the currently running promotions. At the present moment, players can benefit from the QQKeno Welcome Bonus, QQKeno Daily Reload Bonus and the QQKeno Weekly Turnover Bonus.

3. Which lottery software providers does Aw8 Casino works with?

The lottery software providers that Aw8 Casino works with include Thai Lottery, PK10, Sode, QQKeno, Spade Gaming and AllBet Gaming.

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