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The History of Fishing Games in Malaysia

Fishing games are in general the newest forms of casino games. The earliest form of fishing games can be traced to 1980 when David Crane’s Fishing Derby game was released. However, it's only after the release of Rich Tayber’s Bass Champ PRO (1991) and Bass Class (1992) as well as Bass Duel (1993) that fishing games began to gain traction in the gaming industry. At the time, players enjoyed fishing games on arcade-styled mechanical machines where they undertook fishing expeditions.

The casino games fishing portfolio grew considerably after the mobile gaming revolution. After the mobile gaming revolution, it became possible for players to access and play fishing games on the go. It is at this juncture that fishing games became popular in Malaysia. One of the platforms in Malaysia that most players settle at when looking to enjoy fishing games is Aw8 Casino also known as Acewin Casino.

Overview of Aw8 Casino Fishing Games

There are two main types of fishing games that Aw8 Malaysia offers. First, there is the traditional fishing game in which players partake in a fishing tournament. When playing such games, players must move quickly during gameplay to bait any fish that appears on the screen. Using different boats, lures and fishing rods, players who catch the highest number of fish and/or the biggest fish win the game/tournament.

The second type of fishing games that players find at AW8 Casino are arcade styled games. When playing these games, players strive to shoot as many fish as possible during their gaming session. Each fish that appears on the screen carries a monetary/credit value. Often, the bigger the fish, the bigger the credit value. For each kill the player makes, s/he in turn wins the corresponding credit value attached to the fish. This in essence means the higher the number of kills made, the more lucrative the rewards that comes the player’s way.

AW8 Casino Fishing Games Software Providers

When it comes to fishing games, Aw8 Casino has one trusted partner that it works. This trusted partner goes by the name Spade Gaming and it’s the sole software provider which provides all the fishing games inside the casino lobby. Despite being the only supplier of fishing games at AW8 Casino, Spade Gaming has done a remarkable job in ensuring that all fishing games lovers find something that suit their preferences from fishing games to arcade-styled fish shooting games.

Great Attributes of Fishing Games

As fishing games are relatively new at most online casinos including at Aw8 Casino, most players may not have had the opportunity of playing these games. Some however may be wondering if fishing games are something that appeal to them or not. Well, below we are going to expose the types of players that will find fishing games appealing.

  1. The Adventurous: Fishing games appeal mostly to adventurous players. If one’s favourite pastime is fishing, then that’s a major positive. Adventurous folks find fishing games highly appealing owing to the fact that the games take players on an unbelievable fishing expedition.
  2. Fans of Instant Results: Another set of players that find fishing games highly appealing are players who love instant results. As soon as the gaming session launches playing any fishing game, players from the get-go start to bait all fish that appear on the screen. Those playing arcade-styled games will quickly strive to shoot as many fish as possible appearing on the screen.
  3. Fans of immersive games: Fishing games are highly immersive games. This is largely necessitated by the fact that the games draw players into the thick of the action as they search for fish to catch or kill. Even more impressive is that fishing games often come with aesthetically pleasing visuals and sound effects thus enhancing the immersive nature of the games.

Top Features of AW8 Casino Fishing Games

The fishing games offered at AW8 Casino come with some great features which make them highly appealing. Below, we expose and explore some of the top features of the fishing games.

Mobile Compatible

All fishing games available at AW8 Casino are mobile-friendly. This in essence means players can access and play them on the go. In a world where mobile devices dominate every sphere of life, the mobile compatibility of fishing games is something to behold.

Interactive in-game tools

Another great feature which is incorporated in several of the fishing games offered at Aw8 Casino pertains to the presence of interactive in-game tools. The interactive in-game tools only become active when players enter fishing tournaments. Thanks to the interactive in-game tools, players can converse with fellow gamers during the gaming session. This in essence makes the whole gaming experience much more realistic, exciting and entertaining.

Bonuses and Promotions

Just as is the case with all other gambling products offered at Aw8 Casino, the casino offers some great promotional perks to all players who play fishing games. The promotional perks awarded cater to both the newly registered as well as the regular players.

Most Popular Fishing Games at Aw8 Casino

There are two highly popular fishing games that most fishing game lovers at AW8 Casino settle at. These two are explored below.

Fishing War

Fishing War is a fishing game which comes from the Spade Gaming stable. The game falls in the shooting fish games category. When players launch the game, they are immediately mesmerised by stunning 3D graphics depicting a beautiful ocean. The ocean is beautified by some stunning and colourful aquatic creatures swimming from one end to the other.

Before players start playing the game, there are a few things they need to consider. First, they need to choose the game mode they want to play. The options available include the junior mode, god-like modes and the expert mode. Players also need to purchase bullets and shells before the game starts. The number of coins the player uses in purchasing the bullets and shells determine the bet amount used.

When the gaming action starts, players compete against fellow gamers. The objective of the game is to capture the most prized treasure. Players manoeuvre around the ocean in a boat.

Fishing God

Fishing God is another of the fishing games powered by Spade Gaming. Just like the Fishing War game, Fishing God is a shooting fish-styled game. Upon launching the game, the 3D graphics employed makes the ocean landscape appearing on the screen look realistic. This in turn makes the entire gaming experience much more immersive. Even more impressive is the fact that players hear the whooshing sounds of the ocean waves as they play the game. this adds to the overall pleasurable experience of the game.

When the gaming action commences, players are tasked with shooting down the hostile aquatic creatures appearing on the screen. For each successful kill, the player scoops a reward. The higher the number of kills, the higher the reward awarded. The game has a unique target aim mechanism which makes shooting fish easier. For kills, players should purchase ammunition such as bombs.

Fighting boss at Aw8 fishing games

Fishing Games Playing Tips and Strategies

To enhance one’s chances of winning when playing fishing games, players should employ the following winning tips and strategies.

Making use of the Mustache Technique

Most players favour targeting the big fish. The reasoning behind this is of course to scoop the huge rewards that come with shooting down big fish. The mustache technique however recommends players target the small fish first. Not only does the small fish help players accumulate small rewards, but it also helps clear the space for easier targeting of the big fish. The strategy suits most players looking to play for a long time.

Structure the Bankroll Accordingly

Players reserve different amounts for gaming purposes depending on how deep their pockets are. To succeed with fishing games, it's recommended to play long gaming sessions. As such, players should structure their bankroll such that it allows them to go for several rounds before it depletes.

Practice always makes perfect

Lastly, players should always bear in mind that practice makes perfect. As such, reserve much time to play the fishing games in the demo mode. As you do, you learn and acquire important playing tricks as well as winning strategies.

Aw8 Casino Fishing Games FAQ

1. Is it legally permitted to play fishing games in Malaysia?

Yes, it is legal to play fishing games in Malaysia. Fishing games are classified under casino games hence all players who play fishing games at registered gaming sites like Aw8 Casino need not worry about crossing paths with law enforcement agents.

2. What is a shooting fish-styled fishing game?

A shooting fish-styled fishing game is just a form of a fishing game in which players are tasked with targeting and shooting the different aquatic creatures appearing on the screen. For each kill, players scoop a reward. The rewards accumulate as players make more kills. The shooting fish-styled fishing games differ from standard fishing games where the objective is to catch the fish appearing on the screen.

3. Which are the most popular fishing games available at Aw8 Casino?

The most popular fishing games available at AW8 Casino include Fishing War and Fishing Gods.

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