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Fernando Torres Aw8 Brand Ambassador 2022

Who is Aw8 Casino’s Brand Ambassador?

The online gambling industry is highly competitive. To stay afloat, gaming operators should be very sleek in the manner they do business. It’s against this background that several gaming operators employ all; sorts of strategies to become the very best in the business.

Some of the strategies are universal across the board such as offering top-quality casino games, offering lucrative bonuses and promotions, supporting numerous banking methods and putting in place highly responsive customer support platforms.

Some of the strategies however are sleeker such as the one employed by Aw8. The sleek strategy employed by Aw8 Casino entails employing a renowned figure to be the brand ambassador and be the face of AW8 Casino globally.

The brand ambassador for AW8 Casino is the Liverpool legend Fernando ‘El Nino’ Torres. Fernando Torres had a stellar footballing career as he starred for Liverpool for a long-time scoring some very important goals. He also featured for his boyhood club Atletico Madrid in Spain and Chelsea in the English Premier League.

The name ‘Fernando Torres’ is quite familiar to most football lovers. This is necessitated by the fact that Torres’ achievements on the playing field are a great testament to his incredible footballing skills. However, those who might not have been fortunate to watch Torres during his playing days can just see how good a player he was when they check out the accolades, he received during his playing career. These include the following:

  • FIFA World Cup winner’s medal
  • UEFA Champions League winner’s medal
  • English FA Cup winner’s medal
  • EURO Under-19 winner’s medal
  • English Premier League Top Goal Scorer award

What Role does the Brand Ambassador Play?

As AW8 Casino brand ambassador, Fernando Torres has a very important role to play in the success of the casino. Speaking at his signing ceremony, Fernando Torres spelt out his task. In his own words:

“Hi everyone, I’m Fernando Torres. I’m so excited to be part of Aw8 Asia and together we are having a big plan for 2021 (and beyond). I’m also looking forward to being a part of promoting healthy and transparent sports entertainment as well as trying our best to spread it (AW8 brand) out to all of Asia.”

From the above statement, Torres made it crystal clear that he wants to spread the Aw8 brand beyond the borders of the Asia Pacific region. Thanks to his global stature, Torres has been moving all across the globe in the process speaking about the good that the AW8 brand is doing in the region. In conscientizing folks from all corners of the world about the Aw8 brand, Torres is warming the hearts of folks so that they can easily embrace the brand once it starts crossing borders.

Another important takeaway from Torres’ statement is that he wants to ‘promote healthy and transparent sports entertainment’. For a long, gambling including its newest form of online gambling has had negative connotations. Some people for a long time have viewed gambling as something that ultimately leads to addiction, in the end, affecting finances, relationships and families. However, Torres through his ambassadorship aims at changing that narrative and promoting safe gambling practices.

Brand Representative Aw8 2022 is Fernando Torres

Aw8 Casino Brand Ambassador FAQ

1. Who is the brand ambassador for Aw8 Casino?

The brand ambassador for AW8 Casino is Fernando ‘El Nino’ Torres. Fernando Torres is a former footballer who played for top European teams including Liverpool, Atletico Madrid and Chelsea.

2. What is the role of the AW8 Casino brand ambassador?

The brand ambassador for Aw8 Casino has two key job responsibilities. Firstly, he spreads the AW8 brand to all corners of the globe. In the process, he conscientizes folks about the good work that the brand is doing thus warming the hearts of prospective players such that they quickly embrace it when it opens shop in their jurisdiction. Secondly, the brand ambassador promotes safe gambling practices and works to change the misconception that many people have when it comes to gambling.

3. When did Fernando Torres become the brand ambassador for Aw8 Casino?

Fernando Torres was appointed the brand ambassador for Aw8 Casino in 2021.

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