Aw8 Affiliate Program: Invite More Players to Earn Passive Income

Earn high commision at Aw8

Overview of Aw8 Casino

The brand Acewin8 Casino is quite popular in the South-East Asian region. Most folks in the region associate the brand with top-quality casino games and competitive odds on all sports. Owing to this, AW8 Casino is the go-to place for anyone looking to join the online gambling bandwagon. The popularity of the casino has necessitated it to dominate the South East Asian gambling market. This in turn means the casino scoops the biggest chunk of the gambling revenues in the region. Well, owing to its generosity, Aw8 Casino does run an affiliate program which affords anyone and everyone to get their fair share of the casino’s revenue.

Overview of Aw8 Casino Affiliate Program

AW8 Casino Affiliate Program is a special program that allows all casino players, sports punters and interested parties to market the casino’s products and services. As a ‘thank you’ gesture to the ‘marketers’ (affiliates), Aw8 Casino awards various monetary rewards. Eager to receive your fair share of the affiliate program rewards? If yes, then all you need to do is to register for the affiliate account and start marketing Aw8 Casino’s products.

How to Join the Aw8 Casino Affiliate Program

To join the AW8 Casino affiliate program, all interested parties simply need to launch the official website. Once they do, they should navigate to the footer tab. On the footer tab, they need to click the ‘Affiliate Program’ link. When they do this, a new page pops up from which they can select the ‘Join’ option.

Once the interested parties select the ‘Join’ option, the registration application form emerges. On this form, all interested parties should fill in the required details and complete it by sharing their security credentials.

After completing the above steps, the Aw8 Casino team will review the profile of the applicant. It takes up to three days for the team to complete the review. If the team deems the application successful, an affiliate ID is automatically added to the player/punters’ account. Afterwards, an email is sent to the successful applicant’s inbox with all the affiliate program terms and conditions. Go through the terms and conditions and if agreeing with them, confirm your interest in joining the program.

The Aw8 Casino Affiliate Commission Plan

If an applicant’s application passes, it means that the applicant can now start creating the unique affiliate link. This process is done by the affiliate on his/her ‘My Account’ page. After creating the affiliate link, the next step is sharing the link within one’s circles and beyond. The intention of course is for the affiliate link to reach as many people as possible and ‘convert’ them into registering an account at AW8 Casino.

Aw8 commission plan for affiliate

The Aw8 team keeps track of all players that join the casino using an affiliate link. When the players deposit funds and proceed to play any of the games offered in the lobby (apart from online poker), the affiliate will receive a commission on each loss incurred. An affiliate with less than 5 players receive a 12% commission rate for each player’s loss of 1 SGD/MYR.

Affiliates with more players under their belt receive higher commissions. Those with more than 5 active players will see their commission rate doubled up to 28% when each of the player lose 1 to 15,000 MYR/SDG. When the players lose more than 15,000 MYR/SGD, the commission rate shoots up to 40%. 

AW8 Casino Affiliate Program Payments

Outlined below are the important things that affiliates need to know when it comes to the Aw8 affiliate program payments.

  1. The currency in which the commission is disbursed is solely dependent upon the affiliate. It is the affiliate who chooses between receiving the commission in MYR of SGD.
  2. Commissions are disbursed from the 5th to the 7th each month.
  3. After cashing out the commission, the funds reflect in the affiliate’s bank account within 3 days.
  4. The minimum amount (commission) that affiliates can withdraw each month is MYR/SGD 100. If the affiliate fails to reach the minimum commission in one month, the commission is rolled over to the next month until it reaches MYR/SGD 100.
  5. AW8 Casino can adjust the commission rate at any time.
  6. AW8 Casino can end an affiliate’s ID if the affiliate is deemed not to have a good performance.

AW8 Casino Affiliate Program 2nd Commission

Affiliates ought to note that they can become agent recruiters (become affiliate recruiters). This opportunity however is only open to affiliates who excel superbly in the affiliate business. As an agent recruiter, affiliates earn double rewards first as an affiliate themselves and second as an affiliate recruiter.

Best Way to Earn Lucrative Profits from the Affiliate Program

Succeeding as an affiliate is all down to one’s prowess in marketing. Affiliates with a greater reach often succeed as the chances of converting prospective players into active players is very high. As such, the key ingredient to becoming a successful affiliate lies in reaching as many people as possible. In essence, this, therefore, means affiliates should employ far-reaching marketing strategies. The best way of doing this is by creating gaming sites/blogs and sharing affiliate links with site visitors. The higher the traffic on the site, the higher the number of potential leads. For a more robust and successful marketing adventure, affiliates should employ the following marketing strategies.

  1. Banners
  2. Pop up Ads

Steps to register Aw8 affiliate

AW8 Casino Affiliate Program FAQ

1. Who can become an affiliate at Aw8 Casino?

Anyone from casino players and sports punters to other interested parties can become affiliates at AW8 Casino. To become a successful affiliate, one should just employ aggressive and robust marketing strategies.

2. How much can affiliates earn at Aw8 Casino?

There is no maximum limit that affiliates can earn at Aw8 Casino. The only limit available is the minimum withdrawal limit pegged at 100 SGD/MYR.

3. Can affiliates lose their affiliate status at Aw8 Casino?

Yes, affiliates can lose their affiliate status at Aw8 Casino. This happens only when affiliates fail at a great scale in converting leads. Affiliates who succeed in their job on the other hand are rewarded with high commissions and elevation into becoming agent recruiters and thus earn double rewards.

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